Drimarine K Simple Dyeing Method

Drimarine K is a COLD to WARM fibre reactive dye that is stable in both powder and liquid form. Suitable for dye bath, hand painting and printing. Good tinctorial strength and good wash/light fastness. Especially good for hand-painters as they have a long shelf life once made into liquid form.

Suitable for all natural fibres silk, wool, linen, cotton, viscose/rayon. Silk, Cotton and other cellulose fibres will dye best of all.

25g (5 teaspoons) dye powder will dye 500g fabric to full strength – for paler shades use less dye

Use enough water to cover your fabric

For every litre of water in your dye bath you will need;

50 gms COOKING SALT (3 tablespoons)

20gms SODA ASH (4 teaspoons) Note Soda Ash is a very strong alkali and tends to weaken &  perish silk, use half the amount of Soda Ash in any recipe or use PAINTING POWDER instead.


Weigh your fabric (dry) and measure out dye powder; 1 teaspoon dye = 5gms =100gms fabric

Dissolve your dye powder in boiling water