Autumn News 2013

Hi everyone ! 

Newly arrived …12mm Habutai ~ a great new addition to our ‘premium quality’ Habutai range, 8.5mm, 10mm and 12mm ~ this is a good weight for clothing and home textiles

Just a word about the standards regulating silk out of China, an 8mm Habutai need only comply to 7.2mm, giving the world market a lesser quality silk and a lower price. The 8mm Habutai is a popular choice and the Chinese are not silly, the less silk put into a metre of cloth, the wider the profit margin. We call it ‘skimming’ it applies mainly to the high turnover, most popular lines, and the manufacturers ethos to some extent. This issue applies also to Paj, which can vary from a 5mm ( which can be just over 4mm in reality ) to a 6mm or a 6.5mm, which ensures a quality 6mm minimum Our 6mm Paj is always 6.5mm.   Our 8mm Habutai is always 8.5mm , this ensures that we can offer you a genuine 8mm. We pay at least 25% more per metre as a consequence. Whilst we pass some of the cost onto you, our profit on this line is marginal as we stand by our ethos ‘we will never compromise quality for cost’              

TIP  Paj has the lowest tensile strength of all silk and shouldn’t be used for clothing, except for lining, especially when on-selling                                                                                              

New shapes and sizes in hand hemmed silk scarves, wraps and sarongs ~ all are now available as single, and multiples ~ by the dozen is always cheaper so share with your friends whenever possible

Habutai 8.5mm ~ 180cm x 45cm    this has been long called-for by our professionals, and a perfect fit for our Moyer #4 silk stretching frame

Habutai 8 mm ~ 28cm x 28cm ~ pocket hankerchief size  schools please order early for Mothers Day and Easter projects and this year, don’t forget Dad ! breast pocket hankie are back in fashion !

Silk Gauze ~ 200cm x 90cm  this beauty is a great size all round, but especially called for by our nuno-felters as it will reduce to a great wearable size for the colder days ahead

Paj 6.5mm ~ 180cm x 90cm   this is a lovely fine wrap for all seasons, and in summer, a perfect sarong ~ great for Shibori

new stock arriving soon!

By popular demand, we have some new and exciting new scarf lines under production !

All our scarf lines are available as singles, multiples, and by the dozen, which is always the cheaper option.

Silk Gauze ~ 200cm x 90cm

Paj 6.5mm ~ 180cm x 90cm

Habutai 8mm ~ 180cm x 45cm

Habutai 8mm ~ 28cm x 28cm ~ pocket hankerchief size

Due early March 2013

Silk Wholesalers visit to Denmark ~ October 2012

During The Great Southern Art & Craft Trail, Silk Wholesalers "brought the show on the road", visiting Williams, Mount Barker, Denmark and Walpole.

For us it was a new concept and a great opportunity for networking, meeting new friends and seeing old faces, and bringing a textile shopping opportunity to the rural area's ....  as well as soaking up the beauty and serenity  and excellent wine  in such a fantastic region !

Thank you to all those who met and supported us !

We shall certainly think about visiting other regional area's from time to time.  Let Carol know if you are interested.





Workshops by Charlene O'Brien

Textile artist Charlene O'Brien regularly offers workshops in natural dyeing and eco-fashion.

For information contact Charlene on 0411 548 964 or email;


September News



We have been selling these wonderful Silk Stretching Frames for a couple of years now, and have a following a happy silk painters asking for larger frames and the extension bars !

We are pleased to announce we now have stretcher frames in three sizes plus an extension kit offering extra possibilities. Spare hooks available to purchasers of the system only, and we will need your original invoice number.

Please ask for a flyer or check out the silk stretching frame page on our website.


Susan Lousie Moyer is an internationally recognised master silk painter, and designed this excellent stretching system for her own needs.  She is the author of several pivotal books on the subject ( sadly now out of print ) but we do have a few  ‘ Silk Painting for Fashion & Fine Art’ left in stock ~ excellent for every level of interest.

Her best selling book The Artists Guide to Gutta & Wax Resists is soon to become available on DVD, which we will have in stock very soon. Register your interest.


DAYLIGHT LIGHTING a must for those gloomy days and dark evenings when we want to see what we are doing!  For a new lease of life for reading, computer work, sewing and artwork; in fact all close-work stations, change to daylight lighting.

No more eye strain or strobe/flicker issues.

No need to buy new lights, although you may want to, we have light globes to replace your usual ones, bayonet and screw.

The lighting range can be seen on our Daylight Lighting web page.

All Certified Daylight by The Daylight Company at their RRP


Go mad and treat yourself to a portable (power) twist lamp to take to classes and workshops, or move about the house; beware of partners who wander off to the shed with it or leave it under the sink where it proved very handy…

Also available for the silk painter or needleworker, a daylight tracing table/lightbox A4.


BLACK VELVET by SILVER  A RANGE OF BRUSHES, especially for our silk painters but water colourists and multi-media painters will love them too!

Squirrel blend ~ a unique bland of natural squirrel hair and a black synthetic filament, a perfect blend; the squirrel hair is the finest most absorbent  hair holding large amounts of colour but by itself delicate, the addition of the synthetic filament resists wear and maintains a wonderful snap and spring, and holds a good point. This soft blend allows multiple layers of glazing without disturbing previous colour, yet firm enough to lift colour when necessary. These brushes have polished black ferrules, carefully fitted to gloss black handles.

Current range Rounds and Jumbo Rounds ( with stainless steel ferrules and solid wood handles) Oval Wash and Susan Louise Moyer Basic and Speciality Brush Sets.



Our Silk Painting starter kits contain a quality brush, GOLDEN NATURAL by SILVER a sable/golden taklon blend.  A great gift idea for someone special, or for you !

New fabrics arrived

New Fabrics just arrived ~

#1 SILK/COTTON 8.5mm 140cm wide 30%silk/70% cotton, a lovely sheer fabric with sheen #1 would make stunning privacy curtains as well as light summer clothing.  

#2  SILK/COTTON 10.5mm 114cm 20%silk/ 80%cotton soft matt finish, perfect for warm weather clothing. 

SILK GAUZE/TISSUE SCARVES now available in 180 x 45cm by popular request $96 dozen/ natural

SILK GAUZE/TISSUE off the roll, now in BLACK 3.5mm 114cm

SILK JERSEY 120g/sqm 114cm   

SPUN SILK HABUTAI  23.5 mm 114cm