H Dupont Serti Black Gutta – Water-based


This gutta forms a barrier on the silk by blocking the silk fibres.  Gutta outlines prevent the spread of dyes so colours don’t mix with each other and your design remains clear and precise.  This water-based gutta is ready for use.

Available in 100 ml bottles.

How to use the H Dupont water-based gutta

On a stretched and clean silk (not too stretched!) apply the gutta with a screw nib or a stycone applicator bottle. The lines of a water-based gutta tend to widen slightly on the silk.

Cut the spout of the applicator bottler to the desired width.  Fill the bottle with gutta and apply carefully.  Allow to dry (use a hairdryer to speed up drying). Be careful not to apply the dye too close to the gutta line to avoid the risk of dye bleeding through the outlines.

To heat fix the gutta, iron the silk on the wrong side before steam-fixing the silk dye.

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