Arasilk Heat-fixed Silk Paint

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Arasilk heat-fixed silk paint is easy to use and you can fix it with the iron or an household oven. Combine it with H Dupont water-based auxiliaries for even more creative possibilities!

Arasilk silk paint is a great way to customize your textiles!

Arasilk colours based on pigments can also be applied on linen, wool or cotton. These water-based paints have excellent light tolerance.  All colours are mixable to create new ones.

Arasilk Colour Chart

How to use the Arasilk silk paint

To create pastel shades, use the 027 white and the 005 medium to decrease the intensity of the colors.

Apply your paint with a brush on a stretched silk or on your fabric.  Allow paint to dry. To fix the colour,  iron fabric without steam for 5 minutes (or with a protective cloth between the iron and the paint) or put your fabric in the oven for 5 to 10 minutes, at 130 ° C.  Once the colour is set, gently wash the silk by hand in lukewarm water. Rinse with cold water.

Once fixed, the paint is water and light resistant.

Clean up by rinsing equipment with water.

50ml bottles

Arasilk Heat-fixed Silk Paint
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