Dye Plants and Dyeing

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The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, John & Margaret Cannon

All who work with fibres and textiles, as well as botanists and plant enthusiasts, will love this book. The authors, being both professional botanists, have selected forty eight plants from around the world and describe the structure and cultivation of each, its history as a dye source and the best method of use based on their own experience. Each plant is beautifully illustrated by Gretal Dalby-Quenet, a skilled botanical artist, in a full page painting that also shows the colours the plant can yield, some of these are saffron, indigo, madder, henna, elderberry. John Cannon was Keeper of Botany at The Natural History Museum, London until 1990. Margaret Cannon was a botanical researcher there also, and is now a specialised artisan of spinning, dyeing and weaving in the UK. Excellent publication.

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