H Dupont Classique Silk Painting Dyes (50 ml)

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H Dupont Classique liquid dyes for silk painting.  Highly concentrated and bright, rich colours for silk and wool.  Due to the high concentration, colours can be used pure or diluted for all silk painting techniques.  Excellent weather, light and fade resistance.  Steam-fix to set the colours.

The bright and delicate colours give your work an excellent quality!  H Dupont dyes are designed for professional silk painters and those who are serious about their hobby.  Used worldwide, these silk dyes are of the highest quality.

How to fix the Dupont classic in the microwave

Place a container with a little water in your microwave. Next to this container place your dry painted silk.

Steam in the microwave for two minutes, take out, then let it stand for one minute in the air. Put everything in the microwave a second time for two minutes.

Clean your tools with water.

Size:  50 ml bottle


H Dupont Classique Silk Painting Dyes (50 ml)
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