H Dupont Colour Thickener

$10.60 inc GST

This thickener is the auxiliary that allows you to thicken the consistency of your H Dupont Classic dyes to prevent them from spreading.  The dyes have a more pasty texture on application.  It is ideal to use for fine details where gutta can’t do the job.  Unlike anti-spread that is applied over the entire surface, the thickener only changes one colour. Use it to create brush details on a coloured background, with stencils, silk screen printing and block printing.

Available in 100 ml bottles.

How to use the H Dupont thickener

Mix 25% to 50% thickener with the colour. The more thickener used, the less the colour will spread.
Apply the mixture with a brush or a foam pad.
Clean the used equipment with water.

Why buy H Dupont thickener?

  • Prevents your colour from spreading
  • Create details, patterns or stencils on a painted background

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