H Dupont Concentrated Thinner

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Vary the intensity of your colours using H Dupont Concentrated Thinner. This glycol-based product can be combined with H Dupont Classic silk dye to create pastel colours.

The colours obtained are more fluid than their normal consistency.  This concentrated diluent evaporates slowly and thus delays the drying of the paint!  You can work on the paint a lot longer.

Available in 100 ml bottle.

How to use the Concentrated Thinner

The concentrated diluent, unlike the prepared diluent, is not ready for use.  Prepare a mixture according to the following dosages:

For 1 litre of water, preferably demineralized, add 40 ml of diluent.  Mix gradually with the colour until you reach the desired shade.

Apply your mixture as normal paint.

Clean your tools with water.

Why buy H Dupont Concentrated Thinner?

  • Diluted colours dry less quickly
  • The perfect and uniform application is an advantage to create regular backgrounds
  • Create lighter colours using H Dupont Classique colours

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H Dupont Concentrated Thinner

$11.30 inc GST