H Dupont Ready-to-Use Thinners

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Ready to use thinners (diluent) is used to help spread and blend dyes evenly and is useful for painting large areas of colour.  Use it with H Dupont Classique silk dyes.  The thinner contains alcohol that allows the dyes to dry quickly.   This is useful if you need to move quickly to the next step of your work.

When you prepare your colours using this thinner the dyes are diluted and the intensity decreases to give you pastel colours. You can create monochrome effects by working with pure or various levels of diluted colour.

Available in 250 ml bottle.

How to use the Dupont H ready-to-use thinners

For faster and wider diffusion, mix the colour with 10-50% ready-to-use thinners. The more thinners there is, the clearer the colour will be.

For the salt effect, disperse the salt pieces on the dye as soon as you have finished applying it! Do not touch until completely dry. You may observe that the effect appears more quickly using the thinner.

Clean your tools with water.

Why buy H Dupont ready-to-use thinners?

  • This auxiliary allows you to obtain remarkable effects with coarse salt
  • Diluted colours dry quickly

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H Dupont Ready-to-Use Thinners

$11.20 inc GST