H Dupont Screw Nibs

$9.85 inc GST

These screw nibs are an indispensable tool for silk painting.  They are sometimes referred to as a normographic pen.

Used with a gutta applicator bottle to create detailed drawings and designs.

Choose the right size for your design.

N ° 4 – Fine

N ° 6 – Medium

N ° 8 – Large

How to use screw nibs

Screw your nib on a black ring applicator with cap. Remove the cap, cut off the tip of the spout, screw the nib on the end.  The flexible bottle allows you to regulate the flow of the gutta.  Use a constant pressure to draw your lines so you don’t create clumps and irregular lines.

When finished, remove the nib, clean it and replace the bottle cap.

H Dupont Screw Nibs