Silk Laps

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Mulberry silk laps have a pearl-like lustre and a soft fluffy feel.  It is very beautiful Ivory colour!  Because it’s 100% silk it can be dyed.

Silk floss layers

It is made up of lengthwise silk filaments only and these can be stretched out width wise.

Fine layers can be peeled off a piece too.

Silk laps can be used as stuffing in silk quilts because a piece pulls apart and fluffs up easily.

However, its use is only bounded by your imagination!

For example, use it to make silk papSilk lap up closeer, in embroidery, as an embellishment, in mixed media works.  Nuno felters and feltmakers may like to try it with wool to create texture.

Silk floss fluffed up
So soft!
Silk laps
Silk Laps
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