The Art and Craft of Natural Dyeing

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Traditional Recipes for Modern Use, JN Liles


This is the best book on the shelf! Don’t buy this book if you want to sit down and browse through a lot of coloured dye examples and glossy pictures. This is a serious book for the dyer who wants to really know.  While offering a brief history of dyeing and discussing the pre-synthetic dye era, Jim launches straight into a comprehensive documentation of his many years researching 18th and 19th century dyes, conducting experiments and trying to reproduce the achievements of our ancestors.


He covers health and safety, scouring, mordanting, specifics for using silk and wool, and whole chapters to Yellow, Blue, including Logwood, Prussian & Indigo, Reds; Madder, St.John’s Blood, Redwood, Indian Hopi reds, Greens, Purple, Oranges, Browns, Greys and Blacks.


It is well written, in an easy to read format and offers step by step instructions to successful, lasting, vibrant colour. Great for troubleshooting. 222 pages 2006 edition ( first published 1990 ) USA


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