Tray with 24 cups

$34.00 inc GST

The complete 24-cup H Dupont tray is ideal to:

  • Store your colours for later when you’re not done using them
  • Make your colour mixtures and auxiliaries in the cups and protect them with the lids
  • Keep your colours handy and your work surface clear because everything is in the tray!

Each cup has a lid to protect the colours from dust so you can keep them for later!  Close the cups and simply put everything away, ready to use next time.

The cups are stable on the tray, so you don’t spill colours.

Contents :

  • The tray
  • 24 graduated 30ml cups
  • 24 lids
  • 1 graduated 3 ml dropper


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24 c up tray
Tray with 24 cups

$34.00 inc GST