Your silk journey

Your next
creation is already
taking shape.

In your mind’s eye, a note in your phone, or even as you spend time in the company of inspiring landscapes.

Your process is uniquely yours, and when you land here, we become part of it.

Choosing the right silk is like choosing the perfect creative partner. The one that will be your canvas for a vision brought to life.

And that’s how it all
started for us, with silk.

Something more than just a fabric, a water-like textile from the earth. It’s delicacy and unique variations are just as individual as the creations that they become.

Start your next creation

As a locally owned small business we’re here as a creative ally.

To offer advice in the selection process, and chat through your ideas so that you get the right textile for your piece.

Aspiring fabric artists—as well as those who are ordering textiles for a community art group or school—are just as at-home here as career creatives.

Everyone has a story to tell and it’s our joy to support every artist on their path to creating something worth savouring.

Through the gentle calm of an enchanting silk, your story can become something remarkable.

Begin your silk journey
Silk Satin scarf

We’re the support act, here to help bring your creative vision to life.