Silk Chiffon

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This silk is sheer and listless with a sensuous drape. It is supple and delicate and has a loose plain weave which gives it an airy, celestial quality. Elegance and sensuality incarnate.


  • This is a light, limp fabric with a beautiful drape
  • It is soft, supple, thin with a flat, crepe-like texture
  • Chiffon is made with a loose, plain weave so it’s a very light, transparent fabric
  • Chiffon is elegant and sheer
  • Chiffon is softer and thinner than Georgette


Perfect for veiling, flowing dressing and loose-fitting garments with minimal seams.

Composition: 100% silk
Colour:  Warm white
Width: 140 cm
Weight: 6 mm

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Silk Chiffon