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Georgette is an elegant mistress that captures the light just so, with a crepe-like plain weave that feels classic and refined. Its airy touch and heavenly drape renders it simply angelic. 


  • A lovely fine, floaty, semi-transparent, soft silk
  • A lightweight, plain weave, with a crêpe surface
  • It has a grainy texture, a sheer feel, and a thin, very dry hand
  • It is heavier than chiffon but not as lustrous
  • Georgette is durable, drapes beautifully into soft ripple
  • It doesn’t hold a crease


This sheer and strong silk is great for blouses, loose tops, layering, scarves, loose fitting simple garments with minimum seams.

In the dye bath, Georgette has the peculiar attribute of clinging to the dye particles and increasing its weight and body noticeably.

Composition: 100% silk
Colour:  Warm white
Width: 114 cm
Weight: 8mm

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