Habutai Silk 114 cms

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  • Habutai is a plain weave silk with a smooth surface and beautiful lustre
  • It is soft, lightweight and lustrous
  • It wrinkles less than other fabrics
  • Its weight can range from 5mm to the more heavy 12mm.  Most scarves are made of 8mm Habutai
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • It takes colour well and is the preferred silk for silk painting and printing because it’s more controllable than lighter weight silks.


A great all-purpose silk, suitable for wearable art, scarves, pictures, quilting, soft furnishings, screens, cards.

Choose by weight based on what you are making.  For example, 8mm is an ideal scarf weight, 10mm is a traditional weight for shirts and 12mm for light pants, cushions etc

We ensure the weight and quality of our Habutai to be the best available.

Composition:  100% silk
Colour:  Warm white
Widths:  114 cm, 140 cm
Weight:  8 momme (30g), 10 momme (37.5g), 12 momme (45g)

10 metres or more   8 mm = $17.65 per metre
10 metres or more 10 mm = $20.52 per metre
10 metres or more 12 mm = $23.11 per metre
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Habutai Silk 114 cms
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