Silk painting for beginners

As a beginner silk painter you may be unsure where to start or what tools and equipment you need. We’re here to support you as you learn and develop your skills. 

Your silk painting toolkit

  • A silk scarf – Paj or Habutai are popular scarves to start with because they are smooth.
  • An erasable marker to draw your design on the silk.
  • A gutta to outline your design.
  • An applicator to apply the gutta.
  • Silk painting dyes – these need to be steam fixed.
  • Brushes to paint your dyes on to the silk.
  • You will also need a frame of some kind to stretch and suspend your silk while you paint.  Try an embroidery hoop if you have a small scarf of piece of silk.  

Take a look at the H Dupont silk painting fact sheet for a deep dive on getting started.

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