Beginner’s Guide to Silk Painting

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This is an excellent guide for beginners and those wanting to learn new techniques.


Learn how to create beautiful pictures by painting on silk. With just a touch of a brush, you can paint luminous washes, vibrant flowers or exotic fruit. Add gold outliner, gutta, wax or salt to produce bold patterns and atmospheric effects. Building skills and confidence through well directed assignments. Clear and easy to follow instructions; stimulating and vibrant colour photographs. Twelve innovative step-by-step projects each covering a different technique; using colour, painting on damp silk, on dry silk; textured effects using salt; resists using gutta, outliner, wax; moving on with discharge paste, diffuser, dye tinted gutta, salt solution, antifusant (anti-spread) adding detail.

Mandy Southan has written many excellent texts on the subject and is a well-known professional silk painter and teacher.  UK re-published 2016 edition

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