Black Velvet Jumbo Round Wash Brushes

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Black Velvet™ Squirrel-Risslon brushes are the ideal working tools for the watercolourist, silk painter, and artists working with inks, dyes, acrylics and gouache.  Squirrel hair holds large amounts of colour, releasing it with perfect control.  Because squirrel is delicate it’s been blended with a synthetic to resist wear and maintain a wonderful snap and spring. 

Hair:  Black Squirrel and synthetic filament – Risslon
Ferrule:  Polished black
Handle:  Gloss black with a distinctive silver neck band

This Black Velvet™ Jumbo Round indulgent brush is a fully packed, round, long haired, pointed brush capable of carrying huge amounts of colour while maintaining control and direction.  Long lasting and will maintain shape indefinitely.

Available in two sizes – Small and Medium

Black Velvet Jumbo Round Wash Brushes
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