Silk scrunchies

$14.00 inc GST

Warm White silk scrunchies for you to dye.  Have some fun dyeing them in the microwave or in a dye pot using H Dupont Classique silk dye!  Try tie-dyeing with procion cold water dyes.

Handmade in Western Australia.

Composition: 100% silk – crepe-backed satin
Colour: Warm white
Weight: 12 mm
Size:  approximately 7 cm wide

How to dye a scrunchy in the microwave

Wet your scrunchy, place it in a microwave proof container.  Use a dye dropper to drop H Dupont Classique silk dye onto the scrunchy.  You can use one colour full strength and diluted (see image of pink scrunchy) to create your design or up to 3 colours, whatever you think looks good!

Place the container with the wet, dyed scrunchy in your microwave.

Steam in the microwave for two minutes, take out, then let it stand for one minute in the air. Put everything in the microwave a second time for two minutes.

Clean your tools with water.

Silk scrunchy
Silk scrunchies

$14.00 inc GST

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