A coffee table biography of silk, Mary Schoeser


This gorgeous book indulges every aspect of this lustrous and opulent fabric, explored in all its decadence in this high quality, visually stunning large format publication. Glorious glossy photographs and illustrations provide a detailed exposé of Silk throughout the ages, beginning with its origin in Imperial China and a concise history of the Silk Road.  The author goes on to explain the fibres enduring influence and central function in culture, art and fashion, both historically and onward to the present day.


Masterpieces from the great designers such as Paquin and Lanvin, to Charles James and Valentino are considered, and innovative uses for silk are explored through today’s cutting-edge designers, among them Roberto Cavalli, Hussein Chalayan, John Galliano and Alexander McQueen. The science, potential and future of Silk as a timeless fabric that is both vintage and contemporary in style are explored in this exciting, well written and visual text, with chapters on silk in use, in detail, and in action.


A wonderful browsing, stimulating and informative addition to the collection of all lovers of silk, fashion, history and fine textiles. Hardback edition


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